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Timor Island

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Timor Diving:

West Timor has been well established amongst the world diving community as the place to go. Timor offers some of the most interesting diving opportunities in the region, including freshwater caves, wreck and big fish diving around the off shore Islands.

PADI Scuba:

In Kupang, you have access to an Australian P.A.D.I. Master Scuba Diver Instructor named Donovan Whitford.

Contact Donovan to enroll in one of the current PADI courses running or ask him about his private courses for individuals or small groups. Courses are available in English and Indonesian.

Donovan is also a fully qualified Medic First Aid Instructor and an Emergency First Response Instructor with courses available in both English and Indonesian.


Explore the nearby off shore Islands of Semau or Kera, visit the sacred houses of Belu, explore the limestone caves, dive, swim, visit the Museum or just relax on any of the many palm fringed white sandy beaches found throughout the Islands.

Game Fishing:

Timor Island, along with Rote and Sumba are fast becoming known as the Game Fishing capital of Eastern Indonesia.  While there are no special Game fishing boats available, it is possible to charter local boats. The local fishermen actually catch Marlin and Sailfish on their hand lines! 

Lasiana Beach:

Timor island has several tranquil waterfalls just a short drive from the capital where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the rugged sub-tropical bush lands.

These become a meeting place for locals and visitors alike on weekends, cooling off in the crystal clear rock pools.

 If you prefer the beach, Lasiana is the place to be, where the coconut palms come right up to the waterline.

Welcome to "Timor Island"...

"Timor offers ruggedly beautiful mountain scenery
and takes you to centers of traditional weaving."
 Dr. Kal Muller

West Timor:

Timor Island or West Timor with it's capital Kupang is the administrative and cultural center of East Nusa Tenggara or as it's also known, Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT).

This is the starting point, the hub and the spring board for your adventure tour of the region, as well as having an abundance of tourist attractions itself like freshwater subterranean caves, superb scuba diving, game fishing, tropical beaches and traditional villages.

How to get here:

There are currently many airlines with daily flights from Jakarta via Surabaya or directly from Bali. There is a direct road link to Timor Leste(formally East Timor) and a ferry service linking all of the islands in the region. 

The National shipping line, Pelni also island hops through Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT). Timor Island is literally the stepping stone to the other islands in the region. From here you can take a short scenic ferry ride to Rote island or jump on one of the daily flights or ferries to any destination you wish to explore next.

Within West Timor, the Bemo's (mini busses) provide an economic and convenient way to travel around the city of Kupang and throughout the island.

Kupang - The capital:

In the capital Kupang, you will find a "melting pot "of the people from all of the regions creating a busy, bustling city in a mix of traditional and Dutch colonial architecture. There are also a good selection of restaurants specializing in fresh grilled seafood.

Kupang has excellent communication facilities along with internet cafes and many ATM's. All standards of Hotel accommodation are available.

Traditional Art:

Timor island due to it's centralization has many examples of every traditional art form available from this region. The timber carvings in the region were original carved as tokens to the animistic gods previously worshipped by the people before they were converted to Christianity. The majority of carvings originate from the Belu district of Central Timor. The Ikat weavings vary enormously from district to district throughout Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), each with its own exclusive motif and distinctive colors.

Hotels, Restaurants and more...

We have compiled a list of hotels, restaurants and other useful tourist information for Timor Island. This page is by no way complete and we are always updating it so, please excuse any omissions or irregularities. Please let us know if the information is in need of update.

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